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Here’s What The EX3 Cast Arrive In (Cannes 2014)

We revealed exclusively last month, courtesy of contributor ABKing, that The Expendables 3 would show up at Cannes 2014.  Since then more information has come out, for example that the majority of the cast would show up ‘in tanks’ on the 18th.

Well our surmise that it would be APCs and not tanks wasn’t too far off.  Most tanks will eat a road for breakfast (unless it’s a modern NATO MBT with padded tracks, too expensive to hire) and I’m sure LionsGate don’t wanna pay to refurbish destroyed pavement.  Tomorrow the cast will show up in BTR-60 armored personell carriers at 10:45am local French time.  A stretch of road will be shut down and professional drivers hired to navigate the armor.

All of the cast minus Terry Crews and Jet Li (scheduling conflicts) will be there.  Supposedly a selection of footage will be shown behind closed doors.

The BTR-60 weighs a little over 10 tons and carry three crew and 14 passengers.  I’m sure they’ll split the cast over two vehicles.  Even though professional drivers have been hired, we know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a former tank operator.  Now how cool would it be to have him drive the lead APC into the festival??

Check out a BTR in action.