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Mel Unlikely For Dragon Blade? Blood Father News

It was rumored earlier in the year that Mel Gibson would star in Dragon Blade, a historical epic with Jackie Chan co-starring.  A tale of a Roman legion working alongside a mysterious figure (Chan) in Asia, Mel would’ve played a Roman General.

Supposedly though that movie is shooting right now.  I thought that Mel possibly may have only been required later during the shoot, like The Expendables 3.  With today’s news though, I consider that unlikely.

Blood Father, Mel’s next movie (after The Expendables 3) will begin shooting later this month.  Principle photography will start mid-May in Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to this report.  In the movie, Mel will play an ex-con out to even some shit up after some pissants kidnap his daughter.  A ‘Taken style movie’ is what people are calling it.

So, with Chan refusing to say who the big A-List guy is in his movie, I think his refusal means that there’s no point in confirming or denying that it’s Mel, when you know that it isn’t (hype like that is good).  It looks like it isn’t.  Could be that Mel will also not be at Cannes, which would also possibly be a schedule conflict – some reports suggest he’ll be there for EX3 but our original source didn’t include him on that list.

At any rate, he’s busy and in demand.