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THE COMEBACK KING I: Gibson’s ‘Battery’ Record To Be Expunged

Firstly, today’s picture of the beast is from way back in September 2013, when he was working out for The Expendables 3.  At the time, he said he wasn’t really working out all that much.  Which begs the question, what would he look like if he really started working out?!

Anyway, down to business.  Good news for Mel Gibson this month, one of two – another Cannes update later today.  He will have his “battery” conviction erased from his record this month.  Here’s the news: “Mel Gibson will have his battery conviction ERASED from his record … as if the Oksana Grigorieva mouth-punching incident NEVER happened … TMZ has learned.”

So there.  Odious gold digging cretin and all round shitty human being Oksana Grigorieva is now feeling the wrath of karma and Mr. Gibson.  This is only the start of a good year for Mel.  Blood Father, The Expendables 3 (Gibson Vs. Stallone, mano-a-mano) and recently Icon Productions having bought the rights to some big classic movies…

Get ’em, Mel…