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THE COMEBACK KING II: Gibson’s Blood Father At Cannes

Outta the way because there’s no stopping Conrad Stonebanks now.  Mel delivers several stiff body blows to detractors this month, first getting that nonsense about “battery” expunged from his record.  Now, another movie of his will show up at Cannes.

Mel Gibson’s action thriller “Blood Father” will be presented at Cannes later this month, reports Variety.

It follows Gibson as an ex-con who becomes re-connected with his estranged daughter (Erin Moriarty of “True Detective”) when she is gravely threatened by drug mobsters. It’s set to film in New Mexico in May.  But it’s not Mel’s only film to appear at Cannes.  The Expendables 3 will also be promoted with several cast members showing up, as we exclusively first reported.

We’re not sure if Mel himself will actually be there, conflicting rumors about that.  But it’s all part of the Mel Gibson Comeback