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More On Nicolas Cage Leaving McTiernan’s Movie

The rumour that Nicolas Cage had joined John McTiernan’s Red Squad was pretty much accurate.  He was part of the deal, up until the last minute.  The Hollywood Reporter now confirms that Cage has left the project:

“Then, for whatever reason, Nic walked away just before Cannes. Nonetheless, Nic and [McTiernan] spoke last week, and we’re proposing a new project for them.” According to Del Castro, Cage’s decision came too late to change the Cannes promo materials for Red Squad, as well as 5 Minutes to Live: “The producer had a window in which to make the movie, and Nic couldn’t do it.”

The cast was supposed to be announced, but wasn’t, if you remember from recent reports here last month.  This must be the cause of that.  Why Cage left, who knows.  But apparently production is still set to go ahead this August in the United States.  One other thing, Laurent Eyquem will score the movie.  He scored Tokarev, and the music was pretty much the only good thing about that film.

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