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Vogt-Roberts To Helm Metal Gear Solid Movie

Jordan Vogt-Roberts (“The Kings Of Summer”) has begun early talks to direct the long gestating film adaptation of the popular “Metal Gear Solid” video game franchise at Sony Pictures.

This movie has been in development hell since the early 2000s so this seems to be a step ahead for the project.  The reason it has been held back is creative differences between the studio and the game’s creator Hideo Kojima.

If I were to guess, or hope, I’d say another ‘development’ for this movie could be the hiring of Kiefer Sutherland to play Snake currently in the game.  Right now people are starting to get used to his voice as Snake and you have to admit, it would be an easy transition for him to the big screen.

Previously, Kojima had suggested Hugh Jackman for the role (no, God no! meme…), but that fell through.  To be honest this thing will probably spend another five years stewing and going nowhere…

Source: [DarkHorizons]