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“Skyscrapers” Recreated For London Has Fallen


Work is currently ongoing at Nu Boyana studios in Bulgaria to create physical reproductions of some of the tallest buildings in London, for London Has Fallen, sequel to Olympus Has Fallen.  This was confirmed to ManlyMovie by a source close to Nu Boyana a few weeks ago, the constructions being described as “huge”.

London Has Fallen will begin production in September in Bulgaria, although it’s not clear if the entire production will be carried out there.  I expect exterior shots and the like to be continued in London itself.  In the “skyscrapers”, a terrorist assault will take place and filmed with stuntmen at Nu Boyana.  The story sees the Prime Minister of the UK killed by terrorists, where their plot is to carry out an even larger hit on world leaders attending his funeral, drawing them in as one crowd.

Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler will return, but Morgan Freeman is supposedly not returning as Speaker Trumbull.  No word on a director yet, but London Has Fallen will see a release on October 2nd, 2015.