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UPDATED: The Expendables 3 Will Be At Comic-Con

UPDATED 2X:  The cast of this movie will be at Comic-Con.  Expect Wesley Snipes, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Kellen Lutz and Victor Ortiz to be in attendance.  Updating just for Wesley fans.

UPDATED:  It seems that LionsGate are toning down their presence in general at this year’s event, for whatever reason, for example the latest Hunger Games will not be in attendance.  So it looks like The Expendables 3 has simply been kept off for that same reason.  But the bottom line is, there is no Expendables at Comic-Con for the first time.  Slashfilm has an interesting article up positing that Hollywood is turning away from the event in general.  Mind you, it seems that the costumes from the series will make an appearance.  Some say they probably wanted to avoid controversy or uproar by not showing up, but I get a feeling the audience would’ve been highly screened anyway.

PREVIOUSLY: It was announced earlier this year that The Expendables 3 would appear at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. And why not, the previous two movies made an appearance.  In fact, Terry Crews confirmed it.

“I always come to Comic-Con.  Comic-Con in San Diego is amazing, and I’ll be back for Expendables 3 this year too.  Comic-Con in San Diego is one of the best things of all time.”

Well taking a look at the programming schedule, which runs from July 24-27, it seems that the movie is nowhere to be seen.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all jam packed with panels from Manga to the Sons of Anarchy… but no Expendables 3.  Now Crews might just have gotten ahead of himself, you might think, and revealed something that was never confirmed.  But really, if the first two movies appeared, why hasn’t this one?

If indeed it isn’t going to be there there…

A closer look at the schedule will show if something has recently been cancelled.  By way of the… uh “CANCELLED” word written before it.  But The Expendables 3 isn’t even listed to be declared cancelled.  So if The Expendables 3 is not at Comic Con, the question is why?

I can’t help but call on a quote from Predator 2 here.  “Where’s Sylvester Stallone?  He’s not even in the city!”