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McTiernan Attending Deauville Festival


The 40th Deauville American Film Festival takes place this September in France and none other than John McTiernan will be in attendance.  Screenings of all McTiernan films will take place, with the exception of Rollerball.

The highlight of the festival will surely come on the 13th, when a screening of Predator will be held and John will then host a ‘masterclass’ on film making.  And I can’t think of anyone more suited to do just that.

James Cameron will also be at this festival.  You can check out the official site here.

It does raise questions though about his latest movie, Red Squad, which was supposed to be shooting right now or at least in August.  I’m guessing that is delayed indefinitely or McT has pulled out.  Interestingly this month Steven Seagal will shoot a movie near the location scouted for Red Squad, with editor Robert A. Ferretti, who usually works for the same production company.  But unless things have significantly changed, i.e. McTiernan having long since left and the movie retitled, it’s not the same project, Seagal’s is called Foreign & Domestic.