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Plot For Taken 3 Revealed

Updated: Bumping this back to the top, for those who missed it.

Filming is under way for Taken 3, with Liam Neeson starring once again.  The film is shooting right now in Los Angeles, where the entire movie will take place.  They are filming at the former Newton High School and the Newton College and Career Academy until the end of April.

Throughout May they’ll move onto a different location, still in Los Angeles, and continue to shoot until July.

What people have been wondering however, is what the hell Taken 3 will be about.  Obviously they’ve went to the well once too often with the original premise.  So in the third movie, supposedly, Bryan Mills (Neeson) will get framed for murder. Pursued by police, Bryan rendezvous’ with his daughter, Maggie, in the women’s restroom during her class at UCLA. The police discover his whereabouts and attempt to apprehend him at the university. Bryan sets off a flash grenade in a classroom, setting off the school’s fire sprinkler system, creating havoc and allowing his escape.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show recently, Neeson said when asked about the movie: “Yeah, we’re going to do it this year.  I said I’ll do it as long as nobody gets taken.  I’m serious”.  And he was serious, it wasn’t one of those fooling around on a chatshow things.  Sounds like they’ve got something unique in the pipeline.

The only problem now is the return of Oliver Megaton, who committed homicide on The Transporter series.  I guess we’ll see how it goes…

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