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Poll: End The Expendables Franchise Now?


I think it’s safe to say most people have been disappointed with The Expendables 3.  So considering that, should it be “one last ride”?  That’s the poll we are running today.

Of course the determining factor behind this question is whether or not lessons have been learned.  If there was to be an Expendables 4, would the movie be a throwback to the action movies of old, like the stars that make it?  Or would they try to pidgeon hole it into genre purgatory where it doesn’t belong?

I am of the opinion that no further Expendables movies should be made, if they contine on their current youngster/PG-13/comedic slapstick trajectory.  The other (highly optimistic) thought is that they might want to end the thing on a high note, Rambo 4 style.  Doubtful though.  What do you think?