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Neeson Joining Action/Thriller “Suspension”


Just days after Liam Neeson was touted to star in the thriller “Tell No One”, his name is attached to another action/thriller with “Suspension”.  The movie is about a man hanging off the George Washington Bridge. Empire notes:

So, what is Suspension? Well, a little bit of digging around suggests that it’s an unmade Joss Whedon script. Sold on spec in 1993 for $1 million, it’s a Die Hard-alike in which terrorists attack the George Washington Bridge, only for an ex-con called Harry Monk to gum up their works and then some. Neeson, we’d imagine, would play Monk, who teams up with the cops to deliver some justice from a great height.

Either way it seems that Neeson, or his agent, has an uncanny knack for rooting out or picking good scripts for movies.  This sounds like a novel idea, who knows, it may work…

Source: [Empire]