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Rumor: Gary Sturgis In Beverly Hills Cop IV


A little rumor comes to us today that suggests that the son of a previous regular for the Beverly Hills Cop series will appear in the fourth movie, due for a March 2016 release.  Supposedly Gary Anthony Sturgis will show up as the son of Inspector Douglas Todd, who as we all know was Foley’s superior in the series, only to be gunned down by pissants in the third movie, opening act.

Could be true, probably not.  Not that it matters much, this is hardly a big name.  Which leads me to another point.  This name is attached to the IMDb cast list, as one “Rico Todd”, but these things have to be taken with a grain of salt.  You see there’s a growing phenomenon of D-list actors creating IMDb accounts and attaching their names to big movies.  It happened recently with this movie in fact, with someone who shall go nameless.

That said, the IMDb staff seem to be clamping down on it.  The hoaxers trying to establish their names were cleaned out of the cast list for this movie, but others remained.  Obviously there’s Eddie Murphy but also John Ashton and Ronny Cox, as well as Theresa Randle (Murphy’s woman in the third movie).  I can tell you with certainty though that the only two confirmed names at this point are Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold, who incidentally isn’t included on the former list.

Elsewhere, filming of the movie seems to have been delayed.  The original September start date has now gone.  But since the movie is set during a storm, like The Hateful Eight, I’m guessing a winter shoot is probably what is happening.