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Stallone: Be A Man And Admit Your Movie Sucked


As you might have noticed, The Expendables 3 was a bit shitty.  And now it’s time for Sylvester Stallone to admit it.

I understand that Stallone in recent weeks has had to act in a certain way and polish the turd so to speak, because the movie has just had its release.  But as the theatrical run has wrapped up we now await Sylvester Stallone to in some way recant on the boldness of his  assertions.  Does anyone remember when Stallone claimed that The Expendables 3 might just be the equal of or even better than The Raid?  That was some distance from being true.  Or when he hyped just how violent The Expendables 3 was for a PG-13 movie?  That wasn’t true either.

So how can we take Stallone seriously in future, when talking about upcoming movies?  Should we take seriously much at all about anything he has to say about The Expendables 4?  What about Rambo V?  If Stallone continues to speak of a movie that is in vein of No Country For Old Men or perhaps even the original First Blood, can we really take that to the bank?

I think, perhaps for the R-rated Blu-Ray release, Stallone needs to acknowledge the major mistakes that have taken place.  There’s only so much you can do and there’s a limit to what he can say, but he should at least apologize indirectly.  Even if politics played a bigger role than we know, Stallone should at least acknowledge the issues and let his fans know that he has learned from what went down.  A few well placed sentences would do it and even if we’ll never get the Expendables 3 we’d all hoped for, perhaps at least we can rest assured we won’t get screwed with Rambo V or a potential EX4.

So why hold Stallone up to scrutiny when others make movies and mistake just as bad, if not worse?  Well Stallone is, or was, on a different level in terms of manly action from the likes of say, Vin Diesel.  We expect more because we respect more.

Stallone, you don’t have to grovel.  But you need to up your game.  You were wrong, just admit it.