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Funding For Lundgren’s WW2 Movie Cancelled


Funding for an upcoming World War 2 movie starring Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke has seemingly been cancelled.  There was a kickstarter campaign going to get this movie off the ground with $353 pledged for a $7,500 target.  That went up a further 5 dollars to $358, before the creator ended the campaign.

Cancelled crowdfunding does not necessarily mean cancelled production permanently, but obviously it doesn’t look good.  Well, it didn’t look good either way.  This had the hallmarks of Lundgren and Rourke deliberately appearing in a project they knew was going to be garbage, but signed on anyway in the hopes that we’d buy it.

Below is some shots of Dolph and Mickey in uniform, as well as a synopsis:

At the peak of the WWII, the allies advance against Nazi Germany, a disgraced US Army Captain Jack Wosick, is “volunteered” by Major A.J. Redding to train a rag tag unit of misfit soldiers known as the “War Pigs.” Jack is to prepare them for select and secret missions against one of Hitler’s super weapons: the powerful V-3. To get his unorthodox assignment accomplished Redding pairs Jack with a battle hardened German born French Legionnaire, Captain Peter Picault. Together, they are ordered to train the War Pigs into a functioning reconnaissance unit.

Training begins under the battle tested guidance of Captain Picault, but is made more difficult by Sergeant August Chambers and his lack luster belief in the Army’s officer Corp.  During the training, the men use various unorthodox commando tactics including weapons training, knife fighting, observation, deception, and rule-breaking. Jack, with the help of Picault, gradually earns the respect of his new unit. Jack’s War Pigs are ready for their fight against Hitler and their mission against the Nazi Wonder Weapon and must go behind enemy lines.