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McTiernan’s Warbirds Gets Synopsis & Release Date


Things are moving forward on John McTiernan’s next movie, Warbirds.  Or so they say anyway.  The movie is scheduled to begin filming in January, for a February 2016 release date.  John Travolta is tipped to play the lead character.  After that, McTiernan will supposedly follow up with Red Squad, another movie in the pipeline for Hannibal Classics.  In fact, Warbirds will be making an appearance at Cannes this month in France for MIPCOM, on the 13th-16th October.

Here is the official updated rundown for Warbirds:

AMOS HAWKINS (John Travolta or equivalent) is an amazing pilot Who works as year aerial firefighter – a water bomber. His goal that’s just Legitimate profession;he EARNS Most Of His Money as mercenary aerial year. A Chilean man HAS Hired Amos year to bomb oil field was patch of land Bordering Chile and Argentina. It Should Be a safe job, with no human casualties, it’s big enough goal That It Will require a team.

Amos knows where to start looking for His team. He Makes His Way to a country club in Reno, All which is hosting year air race. He Makes His Way through a swanky reception – being white Extra Careful to Avoid His ex-wife LAURIE, Who is great year pilot in her own right. He recruits JOHANN VON Kleist, a brash young pilot, and TULSA, a tall guy Chuck Yeager Who works the bar.HARRY HOLDEN, a tall, cocky and Possibly Insane pilot, making the rounds Sees _him_ and Knows something is up. Amos reluctantly lets _him_ join the team. Lastly, he Approaches FRANK CALDER, a family man Who has Promised He Will His wife never take thesis kinds of jobs anymore. Frank’s twenty-one-year-old daughter PEGGY Volunteers her services, insured and Frank Amos, “She’s better’n Both of us.” Amos Welcomes Them Both to the team.

The last piece of the puzzle est également the trickiest.IGNATIUS “GI” is a cantankerous old DAYTON man with a grudge Against Amos. Aim with the promise of a quarter of a million dollars – plus bonus cash – he signs it. The team meets at an airstrip in Baja, joined by Their controller, a ballsy woman affectionately Known As LAM.

The Mission Quickly goes south and Amos realizes it’s a trap. Faced with return fire, They fight Their way out and barely manages to survive. Harry Proves To Be Every bit as reckless as Amos Feared, Taking out bulldozers, dump trucks and anything else he can target. Goal he soon Finds Himself in the crosshairs of a Mig-15. He gets hit, goal Utilizes His ridiculous skills to evade Any More fire. As the rest of the crew rendezvous at an abandoned airstrip, Harry Has To His crash-land plane in Argentina.

The Mig pilot ejects from the plane and Harry Gives chase. A fight Reveals the pilot to be … LAURIE Amos’s ex-wife!

Amos visits the Man Who Hired _him_, a suave businessman named NICOLAS CAMPOS, Nicolas goal can not Provide Any answers for the ambush. Amos is left to figure it out why he has-been double crossed and why His ex-wife is working for the other side.

Featuring an entertaining cast of colorful characters, and directed by one of cinema’s modern masters, John McTiernan (Die Hard, The Thomas Crown Affair),Warbirds year is astonishing adventure Action That Is safe to thrill audiences worldwide.

Production Details


Richard Rionda Del Castro

Michael Mendelsohn

Michael Tadross Jr.


John McTiernan


Atlanta, Georgia


Shooting January 2015


February 2016