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Potential Terminator: Genisys Spoilers


Some new rumblings from Terminator 5, AKA Terminator Genisys are appearing online from individual/s purporting to be in possession of the script. You should probably take the following with a grain of salt but should also take them as potential SPOILERS.  From an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan forum (via IMDb) with ManlyMovie comments to follow:

There is the exact replica of arrival scene (Congratulations @arnoldsnudearrival) of 1984, there are punks, he approaches them but when shit should go down as we remember, it doesn’t go down as we remember.

The same with Kyle’s arrival, we see very familiar stuff, then it doesn’t go as we remember.

The person also suggested that we’ll see enough of the 1984 T-800 to require extensive CGI.  This is going to be PG-13 most likely so I think we won’t see any hearts being ripped out.  Is this T-800 going to survive and grow aged, protecting Sarah Connor ’till the present day?  Was it reprogrammed by the resistance?  Just speculation.

Anyway way back in early 2013 in the internet backwaters, we know that an old draft of the script for this movie was in circulation.  A version presented to Justin Lin, before he abandoned the project.  The owner of this “hot” script refused to share but did debunk detractors by sharing the first five pages.  We are guessing that this is what this is from, those preview pages of an old script.  That script was said to be poor by the way.

Things change though.