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Mickey Rourke’s Staged Boxing Hoax


Like Dolph Lundgren once did some years ago in Russia, fellow Expendables star Mickey Rourke recently engaged in an exhibition joust in Russia.  Only this one had a suspect outcome.

Not that any of us who watched it were in any doubt, but it has now been confirmed that the throwdown with 29 year old Elliot Seymour (Rourke is 62) was thrown.

The Daily Mail:

The fighter who lost a controversial boxing bout with Hollywood star Mickey Rourke is homeless and was ‘paid to throw the fight’, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

Elliot Seymour, the man who lost to Rourke on Friday, is a homeless drifter who trained at the same Hollywood gym Rourke and was paid to fly to Russia to make the actor ‘look good’.

My goodness!  Perhaps we can be generous and call this an act of trolling, with Rourke trying to raise the prospects of a man living in the gutter.  But they could have at least made it look more realistic.  I wonder if this is how the JCVD/Kamsing bout would’ve gone down…