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Schwarzenegger Talks Terminator: Genisys


Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in the United Kingdom this month for ‘an evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger’ (let’s say nothing about the ticket prices – yet!) and since Arnold is good at promotion, he has been talking to media in the UK with talk obviously getting around to Terminator: Genisys.  Schwarzenegger hyped the movie up, naturally.

“I was very happy that I was asked to play again a Terminator, and to play then T-800 model,” he says, speaking from his home in LA. “It’s a great, great story with a twist.

“The original Terminator was written as a villain, but it became a kind of heroic character, because it was a machine that did all those things and people just really thought that was cool. It was cutting edge the way it was done.

“The whole message was that machines will take over. And, you know, we’ve seen that in the last 30-years. We cannot even imagine anymore life without the machines. The only thing that hasn’t happened is that they have not become self aware!”

Needless to say this is a big movie for Schwarzenegger.  His comeback movies have more or less performed badly and I don’t see ‘Maggie’ breaking that streak.  So if he’s to make Conan 3 then it could well depend on this movie performing well…