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Stallone Courting Boxer For Expendables 4?


All sorts of crap shows up on the ManlyMovie radar and inbox about a prospective Expendables 4.  And I do mean just that, crap.  Like Denzel Washington being nabbed for a lead role, which would probably not happen unless Washington was kidnapped and forced to do it.

A more realistic prospect however, still to be filed under ‘likely not’, is Sylvester Stallone coaxing Manny Pacquiao for a role in the movie, should it even happen.  At his fight this weekend with Chris Algieri (floored), Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were both in attendance, and both apparently greeted Pacquiao backstage.  Informally, Stallone is said to have extended an offer to do a movie together in future, namely a fourth Expendables.

This conversation was apparently recorded although I cannot find a video of it.  That said, noted Filipino actor Christian Bautista (big enough to have his own verification) did Tweet the following:

So let’s get the obvious out of the way first.  The Expendables 4, for all we know, might not even happen.  And if it does, this is just friendly talk and such offers and musings often float around.  That said, it would not be the first boxer or professional fighter Stallone has cast in an Expendables movie.  Bautista (the lesser known one) also seems to be excited.  Some wild speculation?  Could be the female movie.  Which, if it goes ahead, will be set in Brunei (but filmed in Bulgaria) and feature a Stallone cameo as Barney Ross.

The Expendables 3 as TNR pointed out a day or so ago did good numbers despite notable setbacks.  Financially, another movie might just be a safe bet.