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Movie Weapon: IMI Desert Eagle



.357 Desert Eagle in Commando (1985)

Yes, that’s right – the Desert Eagle existed before Call of Duty games.  Commando was one of the first movies to use the Desert Eagle.  The gun made its first appearance on the market in ’83 but not in movies until 1985.  It may have appeared in one or two movies before Schwarzenegger got his hands on it, but this is its first most recognisable appearance.  It’s in the hands of The Oak after all.  It’s a stainless steel MK1 .357 and only appears very briefly, not with infinite ammo like his M-60.  Arnie pops the 9 rounds very quickly.  It would be interesting to see if anyone used it even earlier, but movies appearing in ’85 would probably have been produced in ’84 and likely first to get access.



Gun metal .357, Boondock Saints 2 (2009)

By now the weapon has taken on a character of its own almost, easily recognisable, in demand.  Everyone wants one these days, including the BoonDock Saints who just had to have a custom set in ‘All Saints Day‘.  Pity as a sequel and movie, it’s kind of shit.  A more recent appearance is in Assassination Games (2011) in the hands of Scott Adkins with suppressor and scope.  Even though most movies refer to them as .50, the majority aren’t.  A real Desert Eagle .50 can be seen in Shoot ‘Em Up (2007), pity about the movie and its user (Paul Giamatti).



Nickel plated .357, RoboCop (1987)

RoboCop is probably when the Desert Eagle first made an impression and probably had people sit up and wonder what type of weapon ol’ Dickie Boy had.  The weapon was almost a character of its own in the board room, having its own table and presentation case, the size and custom finish has the weapon clearly stand out.  In fact several Desert Eagles appear in RoboCop.  Clarence has two of his own, a long barrelled version and another with a suppressor.  The Desert Eagle that the kid has in RoboCop 2 could be the same weapon as Jones’, the one which causes a malfunction in RoboCop when hit in the forehead.