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Ridley Scott To ‘Whitewash’ Critics – Get A Life!


You might have noticed some controversy recently over Ridley Scott’s upcoming biblical epic Exodus.  Some people are complaining that there are too many white  men appearing in a movie set in ancient Egypt.  Despite the fact that the ancient Egyptian ethnicity question has been one of controversy for decades and even centuries.

Anyway, Ridley Scott has weighed in on this nonsense.  He has a message for those trying to boycott the movie: “I say, `Get a life.'”

Christian Bale also notes: “No doubt it would have been a melting pot between Europe and the Middle East and North Africa.”  That’s probably true and even if it isn’t entirely accurate, there’s no way of really telling.  We’re talking 1,300 BC here.

So far the jury is out with initial reactions with some panning the movie and others praising it.  I wonder how much of the negative criticism has been influenced by the attempts at boycotting.  Personally it doesn’t look all that great to me either way.