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Sasha Mitchell Returning To Kickboxer


Sasha Mitchell looks set to return to Kickboxer.  No, not the remake of the original.  The remake of Kickboxer 5.  Yeah…

Mitchell played the role of Van Damme’s brother in a few Kickboxer movies – beginning with ”Kickboxer 2 : The Road Back” (1991), and he will reprise the role in ”The Kickboxer : City of Blood”. The movie will ignore the events of ”Kickboxer 5 : The Redemption”, which saw Sloane bite the dust (another actor played the role). Albert Pyun, who directed ”Kickboxer 2” and ”Kickboxer 4”, is back at the helm.

Originally, the name of Mitchell’s character was David Sloane, but seems they’ve changed it to David Anderson – likely due to rights issues.  So this explains how they’ve gotten the go-ahead.

Speaking on his Facebook page, director Pyun said : “It follows David Anderson (Sasha Mitchell) a UN Peacekeeper with a murky past. He is assigned to protect and transport Jenny (Clare Kramer) to the Yangon Justice Minister to testify about seeing the Myanmar secret police murdering UN aide workers. As hundreds (literally) hunt and pursue them, Anderson uses the underground tunnel system from World War 2, to elude assassins. The Secret Police Officer trying to kill Jenny is TUN (possibly, Mark Dacascos). In the course of a harrowing escape, Anderson and Jenny are assisted by a CIA operative (Kevin Sorbo).”

Z-rate movies cashing themselves in against bigger movies being produced at the same time with similar names is nothing new.  For instance an alteration in spelling.  And it’s kind of sad.