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Fanboys Need To Take Responsibility For Killing Franchises


Let’s lobby to get Sly in The Hunger Games guyz! Ban all traitors!

Fanboys.  Fanboys are a problem when it comes to manly movies.

Not a huge problem, maybe not even a significant one, but a problem all the same.  But first let’s look at the wider problem.  We have classic franchises these days like Die Hard and Terminator being dragged through dog shit.  The primary reason for that is that studios are out to make a buck and can see themselves making an extra few by diluting movies that we love, the best example is usually taking a good old fashioned R-rated action property out of retirement, cutting its balls off then changing what made it cool in the first place.

To facilitate that you have people like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger who go along with it, simply because they want to stay relevant.  Sylvester Stallone did it recently with The Expendables 3.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to do it this year with Terminator: Genisys, a movie that is quite obviously going to stink – and I have a hard time believing Schwarzenegger, in the business for 35 years, is not aware of this.  While he may not have the power to make it a good movie or change the rating like Stallone did The Expendables 3, he has the option of saying no, just like Stallone.

Instead,  all Arnold sees the limelight and the bottom dollar.

So that leads us to fanboys.  As soon as these men make that deliberate decision to sully their legacy and/or the legacy of once great franchises, there are certain people who are obsessed with these actors that back the decisions come hell or high water.  They do it simply because their heads are up the asses of these persons they’ve never met.  These fanboys would rather see our favoured actors (note the difference in favouring and obsessing) in a shitty A-league movie than a solid B-league movie.  They’ll back the selling out all the way and revert the minute the actor does.

Often, they’ll take to the internet to launch their little campaigns, supporting movies that all of us know are going to be terrible.  All those shitty Die Hard sequels and the like?  There are certain sections of the internet who own responsibility for these ongoing blemishes on our favourite franchises.  This is the crux of the article.  The fall from grace of good movies and the weirdos who go to war to make sure it happens.

This happens every year.  A movie is announced and certain indicators tell us that we’re not going to get the movie we deserve.  The fanboys though, rally and try to promote the movie, while normal people with good taste in movies point out the obvious – that the thing will suck and doesn’t deserve our money.  Then when the movie comes and goes, plenty of the former will eventually admit that it was shit.  Yet when the process is repeated and the next sequel comes, they do the same thing over again but don’t take responsibility for their role in the sabotage of the things that interest us.

Some of these people are clearly deranged too.  Some of them – and I know this to be factual – tried to torpedo this very site by attempting to ignite some legal process over copyright claims, and all because I was not kissing the ass of a certain actor who was fucking over his fans (me being one of them).  Fortunately, they were at ‘Harry and Lloyd’ levels of stupidity and wasting the times of the people they were contacting.   I should point out the obvious here, if they’re prepared to do that, just think of how much effort they’re willing to put in to promote the latest shitheap PG-13 sequel of some once great franchise.  Who knows how much shit stirring they do on social media and what have you.

So the bottom line is this.  Fanboys… get a life, and stop acting as guerilla promoters for studio bean counters and aged stars who are turning on their fans to stay in that summer line up.  And doubly so this – don’t dare fucking complain when **insert movie title** turns out to be really bad.