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First Clip: ‘Chuck Norris Vs. Communism’


People of a certain age will have a certain fondness for VHS.  Those plastic boxes might have been shitty quality next to today’s 4k monster transfers, but they damned sure delivered a bigger impact.  My local Blockbuster will close in the next ten days after 25+ years in operation, I used to really love going through its alleys of Van Damme and Schwarzenegger releases.

Anyway, back to the point… Chuck Norris was another big VHS star.  And back in the day, Communists banned many a movie because thought manly men like Chuck were subversive.  Well they definitely weren’t right, and the local peasants knew it.  They did anything they could to get their hands on western movies, many with a right-leaning slant, and a new documentary is coming that covers their time seeking out VHS movies.  It’s called ‘Chuck Norris Vs. Communism’.

Produced by Brett Ratner and Mara Adina and executive-produced byJohn Battsek, and directed by Ilinca Calugareanu, the film will have an advanced screening this week.  You can check out the first clip below.