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Trouble With Kickboxer Remake Production


Looks like there’s trouble with the upcoming Kickboxer remake.

Producers allegedly still haven’t paid more than 150 crew members, vendors and extras based in Louisiana despite weeks of promising to do so.  An attorney for Radar Pictures, Jonathan Freund, told TheWrap that the payments were delayed, and told the Times-Picayune it was a result of a hiccup with the film’s financing.

“It’s the producer’s intent to get everybody paid as quickly as possible,” he said, adding that “all their effort will not be for naught.”

There is speculation that the schedule was strained to fit in growing action star Dave Bautista.  Filming recently wrapped on the American scenes mid December, where cameras will now move to Asia where Jean Claude Van Damme will film his scenes.

No release date has been set as of now.