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(VIDEO) Terminator: Genisys Super Bowl Spot


It was revealed this week that Terminator: Genisys would appear in some capacity at the Super Bowl.  Turns out it’ll be a TV spot.  You can check it out below.  Also for those who missed it, I put up a review of the screenplay earlier;

“After I read the screenplay for RoboCop (2012) years ago, I thought there was nothing I’d read ever again that could be worse.  Sitting here in despair and not too far away from rage, I have been proven wrong, since I have just finished reading the screenplay for Terminator: Genisys, an incomprehensibly awful piece of wretched shit. I hate and despise it, in so many ways that I can barely even articulate it.  You think the pictures, rumours and trailers are bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet.  This movie is going to be the end of Arnold Schwarzenegger, his career is going to finish where it started, ironically, down town Los Angeles, 1984.”

Terminator: Genisys is released July 1st.  Thanks to Sergei and Mucho Macho for the update.