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Creed Gets Release Date, Point Break Gets Delayed


The upcoming Rocky spin off ‘Creed’ has been given a release date.  It’ll appear this year.

BoxOfficeMojo has updated its schedule to include Creed for a November 25th release date.  The movie is filming right now.  The film will follow the son of Apollo Creed with Sylvester Stallone set to reprise his Rocky Balboa role, acting as the younger Creed’s reluctant trainer.  Its possible that Rambo V will follow this for Stallone and, by the way if The Expendables 4 happens, Antonio Banderas will be among the first confirmed to return.

Elsewhere, the same schedule has bumped ‘Point Break’, the remake of the same movie, way down from July 31st to Christmas Day.  I haven’t been hearing good things about that movie and I can’t help but feel this delay more or less confirms it.  The film will star Ray Winstone, with Gerard Butler having dropped out.

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