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Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge Sells Big


Financy powerhouse IM Global has closed a string of deals for Mel Gibson’s upcoming WW2 thriller ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, which films this September.

Universum has bought the project from Germany, Andrea Leone for  Italy, Dea Planeta for Spain, Mis Label for Scandinavia, Pancinema for Korea, Sun Distribution for Latin America, Entertainment in Motion for Airlines,  M-NET for South Africa, Cinema 21 for Indonesia, Impuls for Switzerland, Freeman Entertainment for Poland, Spentzos for Greece, Pinema for Turkey, Applause for Taiwan, AQS for Czech/Slovak, Bravos for Hong Kong, Freeman Entertainment for selected East European territories, Apsara for Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Asia pay TV, United King for Israel.

Mel will return to his old stomping ground Down Under in Australia to film the movie.  The producers are Pandemonium Films’ Bill Mechanic, Lightstream Pictures’ Paul Currie and Icon’s Bruce Davey, Gibson’s business partner.  ScreenCorp’s James M Vernon is the executive producer.  Randall Wallace, who wrote Braveheart, is penning the screenplay.

The film covers the actions of Desmond Doss, the real life character who despite being a conscientious objector won the Medal of Honor.