Nicolas Cage To Star In WW2 Thriller | ManlyMovie

Nicolas Cage To Board The ‘USS Indianapolis’


Nicolas Cage is back in manly movie territory once again with an upcoming WW2 thriller added to his slate.  ‘USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage’ will be directed by Mario Van Peebles and produced by Hannibal Classics.

Cam Cannon penned the script and Cage will take on the role of Capt. Charles Butler McVay whose ship was torpedoed in the South Pacific in July 1945 after delivering parts for the first atomic bombs.  Cage then must summon his inner man and fend off mother nature’s shit, like exposure and sharks.  Cage versus sharks in a DTV production, one marvels at the trolling forecast for this one.

Filming is set for June 10th 2015, with a view to releasing it Memorial Day 2016.  On a similar note, Cage dropped out of John McTiernan’s ‘Red Squad’ hours before its Cannes 2014 appearance, for unknown reasons.  I had an official source who was giving me semi-regular updates on that movie, until it fell apart, then the line went dead.  It was also due to film in Alabama (like this one).