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Riggs and Murtaugh Die Hard 2 Cameo


You might be forgiven if you’re one of the people who missed this.  I know it passed my attention until only a year or two ago.  Next time you’re watching Die Hard 2, keep an eye out for a Murtaugh/Riggs Easter egg.

At the start when McClane’s wife is talking to an old lady on the plane, you can see the old lady is reading something about Lethal Weapon, or a full page advert on Lethal Weapon.  Probably Lethal Weapon 2.  Blink and you’ll miss it.  It’s kinda interesting seeing as how Lethal Weapon is Warner Bros property and Die Hard is Fox property.  This is the old lady that has the tazer.  You see?  Even little old ladies in 1990 liked manly movies and personal defence!

Lethal Weapon 2 had just came out when Die Hard 2 was shooting, so I’d be willing to bet that this was a real magazine, hell it might not have even been deliberate.  But still interesting all the same.