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Universal Preparing ‘Bismarck’ Battleship Movie


This is sure to excite most war nerds, the screenplay ‘Bismarck’ by Jamie Cowie appears to be moving into the production phase.  It appears to have been optioned by Universal, not exactly a small studio either.

Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen are attached to produce the thriller follows a ‘British naval officer is thrust into the thick of the hunt for the most formidable Nazi battleship to ever set sail: the Bismarck’.  Although to be a pedant, she wasn’t the largest German tub of WW2, her sister ship the Tirpitz (also from the Bismarck class) actually weighed more at 42,000 tons.

This will be an interesting movie to follow.  My first thought is how exactly they’re going to recreate the ship itself.  The idea of CGI worries me, we all know they go overboard these days.  Ideally though they’d do something similar to what Jim Cameron did for the Titanic, a mixture of models and CGI.

Let’s hope they give this sucker a giant budget and do it properly.  A good soundtrack is also a must.  Something like, say, this ultra manly score from U-571 (very underrated sub thriller).