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(VIDEO) Inside The Gym For ‘Creed’


I suppose it might be telling that the source of this video, ABC News, is referring to it as the ‘next Rocky movie’.  Well, that’s what it is, isn’t it?  Even if not officially, most of us are more or less looking at this as Rocky VII.

Anyway, according to ABC the movie is creating a positive buzz.  They’ve also presented a video (see below) showing us inside the gym that’ll be used for the movie, which has been outfitted with props such as pictures relative to the series history on the walls.

The film will star Michael B. Jordan as the grandson of Apollo Creed, who is taken under the wing of Rocky Balboa who will act as manager of the aspiring boxer.  For those interested in the movie, and I know there are plenty who are against it, you can catch ‘Creed’ on November 25th this year.

Check out the footage below.