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Brett Ratner Remaking ‘Enter The Dragon’


This week Aint It Cool News has revealed that director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand) is keen on remaking Enter the Dragon, the 1973 classic which made Bruce Lee a global sensation. Ratner apparently revealed his ambitions during a screening of Rush Hour at the New Beverly, with the site reporting that:

According to a few attendees I’ve spoken to, [Ratner] reassured the audience that he wasn’t trying to find the next Bruce Lee or anything crazy like that. Evidently, he only brought up the remake after professing his love for Lalo Schifrin’s amazing score, and seemed to indicate that his film would be a reimagining of Robert Clouse’s iconic showcase for Lee’s talents.

Speaking of Brett Ratner, there’s a worrying silence on Beverly Hills Cop IV if you ask me.  In fact it’s worse than silence, since the last we heard of that at all was Eddie Murphy himself shitting on bad scripts for the movie.  Maybe it’s better if that doesn’t go ahead…?