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CGI Bruce Lee Will Join Mike Tyson In IP Man 3


This sounds like something from a Tekken game lineup.  With filming getting underway for Ip Man 3, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has signed on to appear alongside Donnie Yen in the cast of the film, while Bruce Lee is also set to make an appearance, with the film’s producers employing CGI technology to create a young version of the martial arts icon.

“Two years ago Mike Tyson opened up a Weibo [the Chinese microblogging site] account and the first question he asked was, ‘Who is the best fighter in China?’” producer Raymond Wong tells THR. “Someone answered him ‘Donnie Yen,’ and that gave me an idea. For the third installment in the Ip Man series, we want to have an explosive fight, and Mike Tyson versus Donnie Yen fits the bill.”

This reminds me on an aborted attempt by The Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen to directed a movie using a fully CGI Bruce Lee. I don’t know why that did not come about in the end, probably the technology still isn’t there.  Thanks to: Johnny Q