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Furious 7 Clip: The Rock Vs. Statham

This is an interesting clip just released by Universal from their upcoming blockbuster ‘Furious 7’.  It is of course The Rock vs. Jason Statham.  I’m not sure how this movie is going to turn out but I’ll be damned if this fight isn’t one to look out for.  We know Dwayne Johnson gives Jason Statham his signature Rock Bottom finisher.  Long time since I’ve seen him do that move.

By the way, the synopsis on most sites goes something like this…

Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for the death of his brother.

Well as you heard Statham demands revenge for the ‘crippling’ of his brother, which means to me that they’re basically planning on bringing Luke Evans back.  One of my criticisms about the last movie was that there was, for all intents and purposes, no villain.  Evans was practically cameoing, fantards didn’t wanna hear it though.  So maybe they should fix that, if, they bring him back next time.

Also the movie’s international title is simply ‘Fast & Furious 7’.  Tony Jaa is not called Louie Tran either.