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REVIEW: Judgement Night (1993) – ‘No Witnesses Allowed’


By: Frenchie Pred
Runtime: 110 Mins
Rated: R for strong violence and brutality, and for language.
What To Expect: A badass survival flick by night.

Judgement Night is another overlooked good flick, underrated and directed by the also criminally underrated
Stephen Hopkins. Directed just after Predator 2, Judgement Night is a very cool movie involing a bunch of four regular guys and pals (Charlie Sheen’s brother Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr…) who are ready to spend the night out together, going to a boxing match but on the way out they become direct witnessesses of an execution in the street, and then are being chased by a small gang of drug trafficking criminals.No witnesses allowed.

The movie depicts that long chase by night, set into this cgi free, urban decay setting, it feels almost like a ghost town. They meet very few people. It’s incredibly well filmed, with very cool angles, especially when during the roof scenes. It’s atmospheric. And after a slow 15 minutes intro, just introducing the characters : The shit happens and the race starts.

An excellent score composed by Alan Silvestri very reminescent of the one he composed for Predator 2.It just gets you into it even more.

A great main vilain (Denis Leary),and even our old friend Zed from Pulp Fiction,what else do you want ? A fucking bluray release maybe ? Yes, me too. And i want you people to watch it, it’s worth it.God I love Hopkins.