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Ridley Scott, Prometheus 2 And Alien 5


It sounds like there are not one but two more Alien movies on the way.  Neil Blomkamp has spoken to Empire Magazine to sort of confirm that Prometheus 2 is still set to go ahead.

In the upcoming interveiw, Blomkamp reveals that “I changed the one thing [Ridley Scott] felt was bumping Prometheus a little bit” and adds that Scott insisted on the change to minimize conflict with the “Prometheus” sequel which is still in the works.

Scott is also serving as an executive producer on Blomkamp’s film. There’s also apparently a ‘bold’ title already set for the movie, but the filmmaker can’t say just yet as it “gives away too much”.

So, just to make sense of things here.  Prometheus is set in the year 2093.  Alien is then set in the year 2122, with Aliens set in 2072.  In theory Promtheus 2 falls between 2093-2122.  Then since Cpl. Hicks and Lt. Ripley have aged a good deal, Blomkamp’s movie should be set in the 2190s.  You’d have to wonder how one movie could interfere with the other, with both of them being separated by roughly one century.

Hopefully Ridley Scott makes Prometheus 2 feel and look much more like an Alien movie this time.