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10 Directors For Expendables 4

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The future of Expendables 4 remains uncertain, but as rumours persist (I asked Dolph during a Q&A, and he said he’s confident it’ll happen), one thing remains up in the air — who will direct. If it does happen, it needs to be hard-R from the start and it needs to have a good director. Here are a few directors I would like to see tackle take the helm.

10) Renny Harlin

Previous Experience: Die Hard 2CliffhangerDeep Blue SeaThe Long Kiss Goodnight.

Um, yeah, I know that Harlin hasn’t done anything worthwhile for a while, and his Hercules movie was just fucking boring. But if he was given a better script and a decent budget, surely he’d be able to put together an enormously entertaining action fiesta. Plus, he is one of those old-school directors from the 90s whose name would make sense attached to the project. We’d had Simon West and Stallone, why not Harlin?

Harlin wouldn’t be my first preference, but I’d prefer him over some other hacks.

9) Richard Donner

THE TOY, director Richard Donner, 1982, (c) Columbia

Previous Experience: The Lethal Weapon series, 16 BlocksThe Goonies.

I like Richard Donner. He’s done great work in the industry for years, and I think he’d be a nice choice to helm an EX4. He stages violent action scenes with finesse, and even his PG-13 16 Blocks was more watchable and entertaining than most PG-13 actioners from the past few decades.

He’s definitely getting on in years and he’d probably need some convincing, but I’m confident he could do a good job.

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