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A Report On Creed Footage From CinemaCon


Upcoming Rocky spin off movie Creed recently wrapped filming, and already they have footage to show, which appeared at this year’s CinemaCon.  BadassDigest got the chance to eyeball it, here’s part of their report.

The footage begins with Adonis in a small white room, what looks like a basement. He’s punching at the wall. On the soundtrack comes a chant from outside: “Creed! Creed! Creed!”

The spectre of his dad and the fighter in his blood lead Adonis to seek out training. It seems like Wood Harris, who owns a ghetto  gym, won’t train the prodigy, explaining that Adonis can’t fight alongside these men, who had to fight for everything they had their whole lives. More than that, the trainer says, boxers die in the ring. Apollo died in the ring. So Adonis turns to Rocky Balboa, meeting him after hours in Adrian’s, and convinces the old boxer to give his best friend’s son a chance.

Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis seems to alternately have a chip on his shoulder and much to prove. The footage shows him running down the famous Philadelphia streets where Rocky ran; one shot has him being trailed not by a group of kids but by bikers. He’s also in clubs, eyeing hot women, making out on the couch. This isn’t Rocky Balboa – he seems to have his father’s flair in many ways.

What stood out in the short bit of Creed we saw was the gritty street-level aspect of it. While Adonis’ story grows out of the most cartoonish Rocky movie, his tale begins on the same streets where Balboa’s did.

Sylvester Stallone presented the footage and was keen to point out that the movie is not Rocky 7.  I suppose he’s aware of the fact that the movie looks that way, at least somewhat.  November 25th is the release date.