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Pyun Gives Kickboxer Sequel Update


UPDATED: Well it seems that this movie is still happening, albeit in a slightly altered form.  Here is an update director Albert Pyun has given via his Facebook page.  So it seems that the movie has been renamed to City of Blood, probably a rights issue.

My declining health and condition has pushed City of Blood back until the fall. Casting complications added to the delays as well. I use to be able to make a choice and run with it, but, alas, no longer. Now, I have to build up to a shoot which I think I am still able. I have to go slower and more cautiously so as not to expend my health needlessly. Looks like we have a film that has come together for June. Hopefully my MRI this week and new treatments will give me the strength to do it (no sure thing). I’ll share more later this week. My hope is to get a supportive team around me first starting with Casting Director Jeff Passero, then the cast. Cynthia and I have written a very cool cyberpunk style film that is heavily influenced by my health and brain disorder. More soon as I can manage.

PREVIOUSLY: There have already been sequels to Kickboxer, but director Albert Pyun is keen on making another.  Or a remake, or a remake of a sequel, or something.  It’s called ‘The Kickboxer’ and Pyun has given a synopsis via his Facebook account, which can be read below.  If this was going ahead I suppose that’d be two Kickboxer movies in the pipline along with the big budget remake.

I’m not sure this will actually get made, but more ‘Kickboxer’ is always welcome.