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Russia Bans “Child 44”


This could be quite a movie to look forward to, this upcoming Cold War thriller (Child 44).  But you might have trouble with seeing it if you live in Russia.  According to the DailyMail the movie has been pulled at the 11th hour.

In an unprecedented move, Russia has cancelled the release of a Hollywood thriller set in the Stalin era – claiming it distorts history and would air as the country celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany.

The film, ‘Child 44’, starring Tom Hardy, Vincent Cassel and Gary Oldman, tells the story of a serial killer who targets children in the Stalin era.

It is based on a novel by British writer Tom Rob Smith and was due to premiere in Russia today.

Apparently the Russians aren’t happy with the content of the movie, starring Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman, about the hunt for a serial killer during the Stalin years.  Russia’s culture minister denounced the movie as peddling untruths and distortions.

Probably good promotion, especially right on release.

Source: [DailyMail]