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Stallone Says Rambo V Is Still Going Ahead


Good news has surfaced here, because after a very quiet patch which had some people worried that it had been shitcanned, it seems that Rambo V is still going ahead after all.  We heard recently that the first thing Sylvester Stallone did upon leaving the set of Creed was to get down to business finalizing the script for Rambo V.

Stallone took to Twitter to confirm it himself (tweet below).  As we reported exclusively last year, the film was set to begin filming in Louisiana and even had props and weapons shipped to the set.  We also reported exclusively that the movie will use some of the desert sets from the movie Year One.  I’m guessing the same thing will happen once production starts.

By the way, Sylvester Stallone also fired his entire security contingent and entourage recently, including personal chefs and what not.  He said that this was at the request of his wife Jennifer and his desrire to lead a more grounded lifestyle.  I don’t know if that’s been reported anywhere else, but at any rate there it is.