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Statham Talks Fighting The Rock


There’s a little movie out there right now called Furious 7.  And one of the bigger selling points from that blockbuster is going to be a thrown down between Jason Statham and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.  This week Statham has been talking to Collider about their fight.

Fighting Dwayne. Was it a blast? Because he’s a big fucking dude. 

STATHAM: He’s a big dude. Yeah he moves like a middleweight, but he’s a fucking super heavyweight.

He used to play football. He’s a big dude.

STATHAM: His athletic fucking prowess…I mean, he bounces around and he’s got such fucking timing. Like movie fighting is a real skill. You know I’ve had movie fights with real fighters and they don’t react because they’re not supposed to react. They ride the punch. And you just ‘go well if you don’t react, and I’m not hitting you, this is like…we need physics to happen here, you know, action, opposite reaction.’ You know he’s really good at selling stuff, and he’s just got this great timing, and he’s got a real explosive power. He doesn’t mind taking a punch, you know, Bam!, you know he’ll sell it for you, and you need that. You know big guys usually have an ego like ‘oh, if you hit me like that, I wouldn’t move’. He’s got really great skin and that is used to getting whacked, he’s used to selling that, you know doing what he does. His dad did that, so he’s got skills that are extraordinary for a man of his size and he’s got an exceptional ability in that area. So to do a fight with someone like that…you know, it’s like fucking Christmas. You’ve got everything you need, you’ve got precision, you’ve got the timing. And so you whizz through it. You don’t have to do fucking twenty takes where some guy can’t fucking throw a punch. You know, I’ve had those situations. You know, get the stunt double in, he can’t do it, bring the fucking double. And that’s what happens. More often than not, you do twenty takes with a fucking actor, and you go ‘this guy’s a useless piece of shit, so bring me the stunt double’. And then obviously, that ain’t the case with Dwayne.

Good summer for Statham then, with this movie and action/comedy ‘Spy’.  Furious 7 sees Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw seek revenge on those who crippled his brother.  In theatres now.