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Updated: Wolf Warrior Is Scott Adkins’ Biggest Movie


UPDATED: Wolf Warrior is continuing to climb and show the incoming potency of the Chinese box office.  That the movie is now at around $90 million is pretty damned impressive.  Maybe we should start pushing for an Asian Expendables…

Previously: So far at the Chinese box office, Scott Adkins’ Special Forces: Wolf Warrior (or simply Wolf Warrior, or Wolf Warriors), is dominating the Chinese box office.  The movie is now somewhere at around 400 million Yuan (we’re going to be hearing the word ‘Yuan’ a lot in the coming years), which is about $60 million US dollars.

So this movie is quite the success and has only so far made its stamp in East Asia.  It’s also Scott Adkins’ biggest movie ever, if you think about it.  If we exclude movies where he wasn’t front and centre, like The Bourne Ultimatum or The Expendables 2.  Now granted, The Legend of Hercules had Scott as a central character and grossed $61 million, but Wolf Warrior will almost certainly now overtake that internationally, even with limited runs.

The last I looked at this, Wolf Warrior was beating Kingsman: The Secret Service in China, so that’s kind of hot competition.  And I suppose this tells us that China is once again confirmed as future box office fertile ground.  They will emerge as the leading super power of the 21st century after all, I guess.

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