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Chief Seagal Set For ‘End Of A Gun’


Is this website obsessed with Steven Seagal.  The answer that is yes, yes we are.  Mister Seagal will soon prepare for End of a Gun.  Here is the outline.

Seagal will play an ex-ATF agent who comes across a woman being beaten by her boyfriend in a mall parking lot. He’s forced to kill the assailant and finds himself facing possible criminal charges and an offer from the woman to help her steal $2 million hidden in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car in the police impound lot.

The bad news?  Two words.  Keoni.  Waxman.  From a script by Chuck Hustmyre, Producers are Daniel Grodnik and Binh Dang.  So I guess this is just another churn out to the rapidly shrinking Blu-Ray shelves in stores.  How the hell are these things deemed profitable?

Legions of Seagalite students?  It’s literally the only explanation.