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Donnie Yen To Star With Pacino/De Niro In ‘Noodle Man’

donnieyennoodleDonnie Yen is to finally make a real appearance in an American movie.  The feature will be called ‘Noodle Man’ and to make things even more interesting it is also going to star Al Pacino.  Oh, and how about Robert De Niro as well?

Yen has been in American movies before, such as Shanghai Knights, but the roles were relatively minor.  So this one could be a breakthrough deal for him.

According to AsianMoviePulse: “This movie will be produced by “PULP FICTION” producer Michael Shamberg, who has also done movies such as Django Unchained, World Trade Center, Get Shorty and many many more. The cast alone is enough to make anyone pay money and go watch this on the big screen, lets just hope Donnie yen has a big enough role and enough freedom to perform his own action.”

The movie is set for release in Spring 2015.  I haven’t heard anything beyond that, which is kind of odd since we’ve now passed Spring pretty much and still all is quiet.  Still an interesting development though.  Thanks to: Sergei.