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Important News! ‘Dog’ Returning To The Big Screen… (UPDATED)

UPDATED:  I’m bumping this article back up front.  I created it in the earlier days of this site, when we were finding stuff out about Fury Road from various sources – some of it getting us in trouble.  Anyway, you might have noticed a severe lack of absence of Dog in Fury Road.  Well, he’s supposed to be in there, per this article below.  Maybe more Dog in deleted footage?

PREVIOUSLY: His first and only appearance was in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior as Mel Gibson’s sidekick.  The dog’s name was… ‘Dog’, and he was killed in action by the Lord Humungus gang.  Dog was a specific breed of animal, an Australian Cattle Dog.  Well, he’s going to make his return in Mad Max: Fury Road, briefly.  Professional animal trainer Kirsten Fedderson was hired to train an Australian Cattle Dog to behave itself in green screen flashbacks with Tom Hardy: “We were using an Australian cattle dog in a sequence when Max is having these horrible flashbacks where people are blaming him for loss of life. It’s one thing to get humans to say ‘It’s your fault I’m dead’ but to get a dog to have that look on its face in front of a massive green screen … it’s quite hard.”

Another puzzling statement.  If the movie is set between Mad Max 1 and Mad Max 2, then how can Dog show up in a flashback?  Sounds like a description for Mad Max 4…