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Romero’s “Empire Of The Dead” Headed To TV


It looks like number of zombie features is beginning to pile up, figuratively, like an actual horde itself.  Another series is headed to television, from George Romero no less.  Demarest  is developing a TV adaptation of Romero and Marvel Comics’ fifteen-issue graphic novel series “Empire of the Dead”. Romero and longtime partner Peter Grunwald will write and executive produce the series with Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson also set to executive produce.

‘Empire’ mixes in vampires with Romero’s iconic zombie creation.  I don’t know, they kind of had me until “Vampire”.  Not familiar with this source material myself but it is good to hear from George A. Romero.

Some say the zombie stuff is becoming over saturated.  Any ManlyMovie readers feel that way?  Not this guy, I love the stuff.  I’m just say we’ll probably never see another George movie, his son however… he’s planning a prequel to the main “Night” series.

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