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Shaking Cam? One Pic Speaks 1,000 Words

So, that shaking camera bullshit huh?  One picture speaks a thousand words which is pretty much is what is happening here with this .GIF.  This is from a well known movie which received a lathe of (mostly) glowing reviews.  Many sites and critics know which side their bread is buttered on.  You can’t tell me that the above from an artist’s perspective is remotely excusable.  You might as well just close your eyes.

By contrast is a fight scene from a 1990’s movie, directed by a man many consider to be a hack.  At least, most of the movie was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson – I’m not sure how much he was actually involved in the fight sequences.

You can tell what’s happening.  You can see who is kicking who.  The audience have paid to see a movie, and the makers of the event have given them the courtesy of holding the fucking camera in its place.  They’ve even mounted it on a rail, imagine that!  By the way, I much prefer these old school fights.  Slower, perhaps silly.  But fun.  Today’s MMA shake-fests are just dull by comparison.